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With the new year, you can make an effort to become a better student. Still, for that to happen, you need to take certain steps. Read this post by The Tutoring Center, West Linn OR for ideas of what academic resolutions to keep.

The new year feels like a fresh start for everyone. Even if just metaphorically, you get a clean slate and a chance to improve in the different areas of your life. If you're a student, the new year may mean a new opportunity to become the best learner you can be. However, 'being a better student' isn't a specific enough resolution. For a few ideas of what new year's  resolutions to keep so you can reach your academic potential, continue reading the post below.

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How to Improve Academically in the New Year

Develop Your Organization Skills

Being an organized student can do wonders for your academic efforts. After all, it's much easier to understand your subjects, keep track of your assignments, and get better grades if you have a solid organization system. For starters, you should have a planner where you note down your assignments and a schedule to complete each of them. It's also a good idea to become more organized with your notes, so you can rely on them when studying. Lastly, keep a tidier backpack, so you don't misplace important supplies for your learning process.

Be More Attentive

While it's true that your main responsibility as a student is to actually go to school, it's not enough if you just sit in the classroom. You need to actually pay attention to what the teacher is saying, so you can process and understand the lessons they're going over. You should also increase your attention span during your study sessions. To that end, have a distraction-free study space, set goals for your study sessions, and have a study schedule that you can follow.

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Get Better Grades

A popular new year's resolution among students is to get better grades. If you, too, wish to keep this resolution and actually achieve your academic goals, you need to make a real effort. For one, you need to follow more effective study methods. You may even want to enroll in one-to-one tutoring classes, so that you can learn more effectively and have a better performance in your tests. Again, this will be hard work, but trust that you can achieve your goals.  

Become a Better Learner

Of course, there's no denying that having good grades is important (for you, for your parents, for any school you wish to apply to later on, etc.). However, you go to school to learn, so make become a better learner one of your resolutions. To that end, you should do more than just memorizing information. From now on, when you're studying, try to truly understand your subjects. Once again, if you need assistance, you can enroll in tutoring classes that can help you completely master your school subjects.

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Try New Things

One new year resolution that you can keep fro school, but that you can also apply to other areas of your life, is to try new things. Make this the year in which you explore different things about yourself. To make that happen, you could try joining an academic club, a sports team, or another extracurricular activity. Doing so will push you out of your comfort zone. Moreover, it will help you meet new people, find new interests, and develop other skills.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Finally, to make your academic year much brighter and more successful, keep a positive attitude. Swap out your negative thoughts (such as 'this is too hard' and 'I can't do this) for more positive ones. Make this the year in which you change your perspective and start trusting your own abilities. If you start thinking this way about school, you'll start seeing changes in other parts of your life, as well.

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