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Sometimes, children may feel stuck or overwhelmed with their homework. If your child needs assistance, follow the tips in this post by The Tutoring Center, West Linn OR.

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How to Help Your Child Get Through Their School Assignments

Provide Goals and a Schedule

First of all, you should understand the benefits that setting goals and a schedule for your child's assignments can have. For one, goals can give them motivation and something specific to work towards. On the other hand, a schedule will help them manage their time and efforts effectively. These two together can help them be more productive.

Put Together the Right Study Place

The question of 'where' is one you should answer appropriately if you want your child to do their homework in an effective manner. This spot should have the right lighting, comfortable furniture, and the school supplies your child requires. Likewise, it should be free of any distractions.

Answer Their Questions

A great way to assist your child with their homework is to be there to answer their questions (the ones you actually know the answers to). For example, if they're having a challenging time understanding what's being asked of them, take some time to read over the instructions with them and explain them so they can continue their work.

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Work Out a Homework Strategy

To ensure your child will tackle their homework in a successful manner, you should help them work out a homework strategy. This can be especially useful if your child is overwhelmed with their assignments. For instance, encourage them to work on the easier tasks first, so they have more time to focus on the harder ones.

Let Them Learn

A counterproductive practice some parents engage in is that of doing their child's homework for them. Of course, they have good intentions. However, this can do their child more harm, as you'd just be keeping them from taking advantage of a learning opportunity. Let them learn and work on their own.

Refer Back to the Notes

Sometimes, your child will need some extra guidance to complete their work successfully. In those cases, a tip that can be very helpful is that of referring back to their notebooks. In them, they'll surely find a couple of clues of how they should work out their assignment. After all, that's what they're there for.

Be Encouraging

Particularly challenging assignments can have a discouraging effect on your child. In those cases, your job as a parent or tutor is to be the encouragement and confidence boost they need to keep going. Remind them that they have the knowledge and skills to face this and many other academic challenges.

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Dissuade Them From Cheating

And speaking of particularly challenging homework assignments and the feelings they may ignite, you should try to dissuade your child from cheating on them. Once again, your child's assignments are learning opportunities, which is why you should ensure that they complete them on their own.

Give Them Regular 5 Minute Breaks

Something to be mindful of is that working on one task and focusing hard on it for a long period of time can actually be counterproductive. This can interfere with your child's study sessions and the effectiveness of their work. For that reason, you should guarantee that they take 5 minute breaks when they've been working hard for long hours.

Go Over What They Did

In some cases, your child will need an extra pair of eyes to spot any areas where they could have made a mistake. For that reason, you should go over the work they did. If you happen upon a mistake, make sure that your child knows about it, so they can have a chance to correct it and learn from it.

Get Help From Others

As a last tip, it's recommended that you get help from others if your child is feeling stuck or overwhelmed with their assignments. For example, you can turn to their teachers, their peers, and an experienced tutor in order to get the guidance they need to continue their work.

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