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How well you take notes can actually have an impact in how well you do in school. Learn how to become a more effective note-taker through this post by The Tutoring Center, West Linn OR.

The new school year has already started, and your efforts to become the best student you can be are probably at full throttle. An important part of being a good student is taking effective notes. After all, it is through your notes that you'll gather the material you need to learn for your tests. If you want to be certain that you'll be able to rely on your notes when the time to study rolls around, follow the tips mentioned in the post below.

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How to Take Notes that Will Help You Study

Organize Your Notes and Keep Your Notebooks Clean

First things first: if you want to have effective notes that will help you study, you need to have cleaned and organized notebooks. After all, you won't be able to focus on the material you have to go over if you're distracted by its dirtiness or if you can't even find it. To that end, keep your school subjects in separate notebooks, write a date and title on each page, don't rip out pages, and avoid doodling or making too many mistakes.

Keep Your Writing Tools Ready to Go

When you're taking notes in the classroom being time efficient is a must. If you waver even for a second, you could get lost and fall behind. For that reason, you need to save precious seconds wherever you can. One way to do that is to keep your writing tools (pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, highlighters, and more) ready to go. For example, you can keep them all contained in a pencil case, so you can reach into it and find what you need to take your notes easily.

Work on a Writing Strategy

We're still in the classroom, trying to keep up with the information the teacher is giving out. Aside from having everything you need at hand, another way in which you can be more time efficient is to work on a writing strategy that will allow you to take notes effectively. Said strategy can include writing with common abbreviations and writing down the main ideas of the lessons once you've understood understanding and processed the information that the teacher utters.

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Guarantee That You'll Understand Your Notes

Previously, you learned about ways in which you can be a more efficient note taker, so as to not miss writing down key information that could help you during your study sessions. Still, while you must be fast, you shouldn't lose clarity and legibility in your notes because of it. Make sure that you'll be able to decode what you've written: care for your penmanship and write coherent and complete ideas.

Accentuate the Key Information

As a student, you're constantly taking notes. Needless to say, among everything you're learning in school, it can be easy to lose some of the key information that you should pay more attention to. To make sure that this isn't the case, you should employ a few ways to accentuate that information (from dates and names to definitions and equations). For example, using a highlighter, a colored pen, or even a sticky note for them will guarantee that you won't overlook them next time you're studying.

Take a Moment to Review Your Notes

Lastly, if you want to be certain that your notes are complete and clear, you need to take a moment to review them after you're done taking them. This revision will allow you to notice if something is missing or if there's confusion about the lesson. If that's the case, ask a peer to compare notes, or turn to your teacher to explain. This way, your notes will be complete and ready to help you study when the time comes.

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