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Working with your child's teacher is crucial to guarantee an effective learning experience for them (especially at a time like this). To learn talking points you should discuss with the teacher, continue reading.

What to Ask Your Child's Teacher

  1. One of the most important questions to ask is regarding your child's social status. This is because, even though your child can behave one way at home, they can act very differently at school. Learn if they have friends, if they're quiet and respectful, if they're a bully or being bullied, etc.
  2. You should also talk to the teacher about your child's learning style. Even though you may already know what type of learner your child is, talking about this with the teacher will guarantee that you're both on the same page, so that you can prepare study methods for your child.
  3. You should also be ready to provide more information about your child. If your child is going through a certain experience, has a preference they should know about, or something in their life could affect their performance at school, you should inform the teacher.
  4. Last but not least, something that will probably be very useful is offering your help to the teacher. If you have an open dialogue, you will both be on the same page, and you can both work through certain plans on how to ensure your child gets the best education possible at home and at school.

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