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Reading can bring a lot of benefits for everyone. For a child, it can help with their vocabulary, grammar, communication skills, and more. However, for your child to reap these benefits, they need to actually read. If you notice they have a reading aversion, the post below will shed some light on the reasons why that might be.

Why Some Children Avoid Reading

  1. It may be that your child's reading aversion is due to a medical ailment. If your child complains after reading (about the light being too harsh, about having a headache, or about irritated eyes), visit a pediatrician that can assess their situation. This way, you can address the situation promptly.
  2. In other cases, your child may have a reading aversion, but an aversion to the reading material that has been given to them. If your child doesn't show interest in the books they're going over, give them the freedom to choose. But guarantee that the material is suitable for them.
  3. Last but not least, you should consider the possibility that your child's aversion is due to poor reading skills. This can be due to different factors: a learning disability, higher-level reading material, and underdeveloped reading comprehension skills. In any case, it's a good idea to check with a child psychologist for guidance.

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